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Oct 25 2014
You can often search depth of nearby properties online at State Well Log Databases websites. To do so you need to understand what the legal description of the property means.I googled Nevada well log ... more

Mar 11 2013
Smile4u Inc Contract for Deed Highlights:• There is a $150.00 non-refundable fee for preparing the documents for a contract for deed.• We offer a contract for deed. The property stays in our name... more

May 9 2012
Tip #19: Get to know your Recorders & Clerks OfficeThe Recorders aka Clerks, Register of Deeds Office:It is their function to make sure that every document presented to them, such as a deed or death c... more

May 3 2012
Tip #18: Get to know your State and County DepartmentsI can’t tell you how many times I have had to call Mark to ask him what department I needed to go to ask my questions about property! And many t... more

Apr 25 2012
Tip #17: What makes a deed a deed?All deeds do have some common components that are needed for it to be a legal document:1. Deeds must be in writing2. The deed must include certain legal elements that... more

Apr 17 2012
Tip# 16: Make sure you understand the terminologyAdvertising on the Internet is full of words like "government land for sale" and "foreclosures for sale." Be sure and do your due diligence when you se... more

Mar 28 2012
Tip #15: Research Alternative Energy Sources!If power isn’t readily available you should research alternative options. The internet is filled with information on alternative energy such as wind, sol... more

Mar 15 2012
Tip #14: Find out what type of deed is being offered The type of deed greatly influences what you can do with the property in the resell arena:If a warranty deed is being offered and title insurance i... more

Mar 6 2012
Tip #13: Read and Review Reliable Media SourcesThe publication Backwoods Home Magazine offers great articles for people seeking self-reliant living. I have read great articles about what it is like to... more

Mar 6 2012
Tip #12: How close is the power, phone, gas or water to the property?I often see “in area” or “in subdivision” used for these utilities. While certainly it is a great way to let a customer qui... more

Feb 1 2012
Tip #11: If you are interested in reselling property find out if there are any comps availableIf you are purchasing property expecting to resell it elsewhere for a profit, your research should include... more

Jan 25 2012
Tip #10: Get to know the County Assessor's OfficeThe assessor’s office is responsible for discovery, identification and location of taxable property within their area. They usually set the value of ... more

Jan 18 2012
Tip #9: Does the county allow alternative options like holding tanks or advanced treatment systems?Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask your questions. The internet can also be a great sourc... more

Jan 11 2012
Tip #8: Ask Questions!Are there any improvements or structures on it? Are there any encumbrances against it?What fees are you being charged by the seller and what do they cover?Understand what the adv... more

Jan 4 2012
Tip #7: Is there a dedicated easement to the property? It is important to find out if there is a road or dedicated easement to the property. What condition is the road to the property in? Make sure yo... more

Dec 21 2011
Tip #6: Find out what size the property isUsually this is either stated in terms of acres or how many square feet a building lot is. Make sure that it is big enough to build on first of all! We have c... more

Dec 6 2011
Tip #5: Find out whose name is the property is under!Make sure you do your research to determine whose name the property is in. The assessor’s records correct are not always correct. Though they are... more

Dec 1 2011
Tip #4: Research the property photos!Are the pictures of the property or of the area 100 miles away? There can be a huge difference between plush green forests and dry desert within miles of each othe... more

Nov 21 2011
Tip #3: Find out if the taxes and dues are paid current! Tax payment information can be easily obtained through the county treasurer’s office.Are there any or POA (property owners association) dues?... more

Nov 14 2011
Tip #2: What is a Deed?A deed is a document that plays a very important role in real estate ownership. It is a document that if done correctly will transfer ownership of the property. If it is not don... more

Oct 24 2011
Tip #1: Do your own due diligence! Some might say it’s those words sellers hide behind but what does it really mean?! It means you better research for yourself the property you are buying! The issue... more

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