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Apr 25 2012
Tip #17: What makes a deed a deed?
All deeds do have some common components that are needed for it to be a legal document:

1. Deeds must be in writing

2. The deed must include certain legal elements that the state or county requires for it to be a legal document

3. Name of Seller (usually named: Grantor)

4. Name of Purchaser (usually named: Grantee)

5. Legal Description (and also if there are improvements on the property, like a house. This may contain the common/street address as well)

6. It must contain content indicating a transfer of ownership of the property

7. Both parties need to be competent to accept the transfer of ownership

8. It must be signed in front of a notary, at least by the Seller/Grantor

9. The notary must sign and use their stamp on the deed -- This means that the notary has verified the signature of the person singing the deed in front of them.

10. Must have the current date

11. Must be recorded at the county courthouse of the county the property is in. -- When the deed gets recorded at the courthouse, it lets the whole world know that there was a sale and transfer of the property.

- Char the Explorer : )

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