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May 9 2012
Tip #19: Get to know your Recorders & Clerks Office
The Recorders aka Clerks, Register of Deeds Office:
It is their function to make sure that every document presented to them, such as a deed or death certificate, is recorded in a way that allows one to easily trace for many years to come. This is usually done by a stamp being placed or hand written on the document that says Date, Book and Page. Different terms are used to describe exactly which information is placed on these documents.

Modern day technology uses scanners and other imaging devices to record these documents. In the early days these documents were hand written word for word in ledger books with the same book and page system used today. These books are still part of the recorder’s office today although sometimes the old documents have been transferred to centralized government facilities where temperature controls and fire safety preserve these books. I myself have researched these old books many times.

So do call the recorder’s office if you mailed a deed to be recorded and have not received it back in a timely manner. You can also call them to inquire about the cost of recording documents and to find out if they have any special requirements or forms. These days you can also find many of their fees listed on their county website.

-Char the Explorer : )

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