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Mar 15 2012
Tip #14: Find out what type of deed is being offered
The type of deed greatly influences what you can do with the property in the resell arena:

If a warranty deed is being offered and title insurance is available you are assured a safe investment.

If a property was purchased through a tax sale usually a title company will not insure it for a stated amount of years unless you quiet the title. Often a special warranty deed or quit claim deed will be used to resell those properties.

That certainly doesn’t deter many investors that don’t need to have it insured. It is still a marketable title. You can always search a title to see its history and make sure there are no liens or encumbrances against it.

Make sure you search back far enough though! I have paid to quiet a title on a valuable piece of property before and my profits far outweighed my cost of quieting the title. Make sure you understand what type of deed is being offered to guarantee the title suits your future needs!

- Char the Explorer :)

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