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Oct 25 2014
You can often search depth of nearby properties online at State Well Log Databases websites. To do so you need to understand what the legal description of the property means.

I googled Nevada well log and it was the #1 hit. Here are tips on how land is subdivided and how to understand the legal description so you can input the information into the well log to find the depth of nearby wells.

A section = one square mile and there are 36 square miles within a township and range. There is a little grid that shows how those 36 square miles lay out.

The legal description can be found at the top of our listing. I used the example below:
Legal Description: T34N R63E Sec 23 NE4SW4

That means Township 34 North, Range 63 East, Section 23. Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter. It is a given that the words “of the” are between those two point. So this property is located in the Northeast quarter of the Southwest quarter. So the property is actually located in the southwest quarter of that square mile.

To search the log well you would type in n34 for the township, e63 for the range, and section 21. If you do not get any results then you might try to remove the section # and it will search all 36 square miles. You can then look at the section graph they have on the right hand side to see if any of the adjoining sections have wells.

Char the Explorer 10-25-14 : )

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