Listing: Yavapai County, AZ Bridge Canyon County Estates U23 L4861 is 1.33 Acres

Oh what a pretty view of the Aubrey Cliffs of the Grand Canyon with a crow in the sky that was talking to me the whole time - how fun! It's a private area about as far off the beaten path as you can get with hardly anyone around! Sweet! Come play in the desert!

Cash Price Reduced From $3900 to $2500!


1.33 Acres in Seligman, Arizona between Kingman and Flagstaff With a Few Trees Sprinkled About.

Gorgeous Rural Area With Views of the Aubrey Valley and Aubrey Cliffs Which Lie Just South of the Grand Canyon South Rim.

What a Pretty Piece of Land with Wildflowers Blooming and a Few Cactus Sprinkled About and Hardly Anyone Around.

Close to the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River at Laughlin and Las Vegas!

Within a Few Hours Lake Powell, Lake Havasu & Lake Mead!

Seligman Is Known at the Heart of Route 66

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Bridge Canyon County Estates Unit 23 Lot 4861

Status: SOLD
State: AZ
County: Yavapai


Legal Description:
Lot 4861, Bridge Canyon Country Estates, Unit 23

Listing Details

Seligman is 14 miles SE
Kingman is 70 miles W
Flagstaff is 90 miles E
Phoenix is 162 miles SE
Las Vegas is 162 miles W
Parcel Size:
1.33 Acres
See parcel map.
Calle Topo is a bladed road along the W.

From Seligman take Fort Rock Road about 2.4 miles W to Bridge Canyon Pkwy. Take a right and follow Bridge Canyon N for about 9.5 miles to Calle Vaca. Turn right and head NE to Calle Topo.

See notes and maps below.
Solar, Generator
Needs installation.
Well, Holding Tank
Click here to visit the Arizona Department of Water Resources website for information about well permits.

Needs installed.
Septic, Holding Tank
Needs installation.
Deed Type:
Statutory Warranty Deed
Title insurance available at buyer's expense.
Title Marketable:
Property Tax:
Annually. Paid current. Future tax notices are buyer's responsibility.
POA Dues:
Doc Prep Fee:
To be added to the purchase price for document preparation.
Allowing for homes, manufactured homes, park models, tiny homes, some RV use and alternative homes that are structurally engineered.

Click here to download the Planning & Zoning Ordinance pdf on the Yavapai County website. Section 412 R1 District is on page 40.
Other Information:
61 Miles W of Fishing at Kaibab Lake
100 Miles E of Laughlin and the Colorado River
117 Miles SW of Grand Canyon Village
130 Miles NE of Lake Havasu
140 Miles SE of Lake Mead & the Pearce Ferry Boat Ramp


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Yavapai - Bridge Canyon Country Est U23 L4861 - Pics

Property Photos

All of the photos were taken in June 2019 of Bridge Canyon Country Estates Unit 23 Lot 4861 and the surrounding views.

To view larger maps/photos just simply click the thumbnail to expand. You can scroll by using the arrow keys on your keyboard as well.

To view the maps/photos in a larger window hover your mouse over the small image, right click and then choose "Open Link".

Make sure to check the map section to see where photos were taken in relation to the property being sold in case the above named property is not the property being sold in this listing.



We have drastically reduced prices on over 60% of our inventory! With tax refund season around the corner, now is the time to make your Great American Dream come true! Discover just how easy owning land is!

It’s been a while since I wrote a newsletter or blog although I post frequently to our Smile4u Land Sales page on Facebook – here's a link to come join in the chaos! Smile4u Land Sales on Facebook

So what’s been going on? This little land company sure has seen a lot of changes in almost 2 decades! I started in 2001 with me being the only employee. At times there’s been up to 9 employees, but to be honest that’s huge volumes of work managing people. The older I get the more freedom I long for. Now it is me and my assistant Sherilyn, (Lynn) and my daughter Amber still does the books.

I started 2020 with my ducks in a row!

Those who have followed us for years know that Amber and Lynn have been dear friends since grade school in Washington State. Amber moved to the big town of Phoenix a year ago and this winter Lynn joined her – literally within walking distance to her best friend! So she is now working remotely and I am delighted to say I am now working from a quiet home once again! There’s no crystal ball that gives the picture of what the future looks like but I sure love this little land company and all of the opportunities it has brought and the ones it still holds!

Lynn and Amber

Buddy will turn 15 in 2020! He has early kidney disease so his diet focuses on low protein. He wears doggie diapers at night and when we travel, although I prefer to call them “shorts” because that sounds a lot cooler! He has hearing loss and got lost 3 times this past year. But he continues to travel with me and “mark’s” many of the properties! 

Headed fishing!

I just got back from Isla Mujeras, a little island off Cancun, Mexico. This is the 3rd year I’ve gone – I am blessed! I assisted once again in a shoe giveaway to 800 needy children on the island. This year was super special as my 2 high school girlfriends joined me.


I was in charge of the kids games this year and fishing for ducks and face paiting were sure a hit! Some of these children stood in line for several hours to get a pair.  And of course I whooped it up on the beach and ate some awesome food.  So thank you to my customers who have supported me over the years – you make it possible!

Fishing for ducks was definitely the hit of the day!

My foster sister Lorna painted a few hundred faces!

I spent this last year thinking about minimalism while I cleaned out a few kitchen and bathroom drawers and closets. The philosophy is about less possessions and excess stuff and living experiences instead. I chuckled when I saw I had 5 pancake turners! Ha! I used the 1, 2, 3 rule – if I had used it this past year keep it – have used it in the past 2 years probably keep it – hadn’t used it for 3 years probably get rid of. Of course really sentimental things I kept, like the chair I rocked Amber in.

In Mexico I unexpectedly found myself in a year end test! There wasn’t any hot water for the first few weeks. When I finally received hot water it was an all or nothing thing – all hot or all cold. I braved it – the price was right – year one down of my minimalism quest!

Headed to the shoe giveaway with my homemade games! 

The roaring 20’s got its name from popular culture and ideas that defied the times. I find it interesting that I am once again hearing the term and am excited to see what the next decade brings. Dream Big! Char : )

1.33 acres in Seligman, Arizona in a rural desert countryside between Kingman and Flagstaff. It's about 2 hours SE of Las Vegas and 3 hours NE of Phoenix. It sure has a pretty view of the Aubrey Valley and Aubrey Cliffs which sit just to the S of the rim of the Grand Canyon! What a gorgeous quiet spot to watch the train go by in the distance!

All of the photos were taken of the property and surrounding views in June 2019. I had held onto this property for a while waiting to step foot on it before I put it up for sale and I'm so glad I did. Wow what a beautiful area that I had never explored before! My GPS told me to take Route 66 and cross over the railroad tracks to the north however there isn't any railroad crossing! Ha! We followed the road that leads along the E side of the railroad tracks the long way back and I would not suggest taking it.

From Seligman take Fort Rock Road about 2.4 miles W to Bridge Canyon Pkwy. Take a right and follow Bridge Canyon N for about 9.5 miles to Calle Vaca. Turn right and head NE to Calle Topo. I included a photo of my gps showing this road winding thru the hills - all sorts of roads but the main drag reamains pretty defined as you go.


There has been so much snow and rain this year and I really waited to make sure it had dried out before I went. The roads are pretty decent most of the way but there is a bit of a wash in the road at one point that you would need to fix and spread some gravel on to make it easier. I suggest you take a truck for clearance and although I did put it in 4wd you would still be able to get to the property without it.

What a cute chunk of land she is. She's fairly flat with a gentle slope to the N. The grass was very green for the desert with wildflowers blooming and a few prickly pear and juniper trees sprinkled about. There were a few dried cow pies and it looks like cows are grazing the area and most of the neighbors had fencing to keep them out.

My 14 year old boyfriend Buddy cooling off! I recently found out he has kidney disease and he's now getting home cooked meals. This is helping with his incontinence and definitely his energy. The past few months he's opted to stay in the truck instead of getting out and "marking" properties! Every day with him is a blessing! Look at that smile! Priceless!


There's a neighbor down at the end of the road to the NW that had several trailers/mobile homes but it didn't appear anyone had been there for a while. There's another couple neighbors with shed/cabins set up. One in particular sure had a pretty rock fence surrounding the property and roof line - wow what a lot of work that must have been. I love rocks myself and thought how pretty is that with the use of the red natural rock in the area!


When I first pulled up I took an immediate notice of the huge cliffs to the N and NE and wondered if I was looking at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I have been to Pearce Ferry which sits to the NW 70 miles as the crow flies by Meadview and it sure reminded me of the cliffs there.


The Aubrey Cliffs begin near Route 66 about 5 miles W of Seligman and run generally N to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The most prominent section is southern half, which overlooks the Aubrey Valley to the W and rises love approximately 1,000 feet above the valley floor to an elevation of about 6,300 feet.

Yep that's your view - a view of the Aubrey Valley and the Aubrey Cliffs! How stunning is that! The train runs thru the valley in the distance and I snapped a photo of one passing thru. I would say it was quiet but there was quite a bit of noise from the birds singing! : )


One in particular was a crow who kept chatting with me - crazy crows I swear! I was able to snap a few photos and my favorite is the one of them in front of the Aubrey Cliffs. What a beautiful place to hang out!

This land was originally subdivided back in 1973. At that time there were restrictions on the property that said you could only put a mobile home. It goes on to say that they are in effect until 1998 and then run for another 10 years. It goes on to say that its up to the other property owners if they want to enforce this. Obviously it's not being enforced as I saw rv's, cabins, and mobile homes.

I did contact the county and verified that it is zoned R1-35 which allows for homes, manufactured homes and park models. They allow things like tiny homes and shipping containers which have to be structurally engineered. I included a link to the zoning above and suggest you call planning and zoning for more specific questions.

Seligman is a cute little town along Route 66 which I've stopped at a few times to grab a bite to eat while traveling along I-40. It's a quirky fun town that a lot of tour buses roll thru on their way to the Grand Canyon. In 1987 Seligman gained its name "Birthplace of Historic Route 66" due to the efforts of Seligman residents, who convinced the State of Arizona to dedicate Route 66 a historic highway.


It was originally home of the Havasupai people, an American Indian tribe who have lived in the Grand Canyon for over 800 years. Havasu means blue-green water and pai means people. A few years ago I snapped this photo of my foster son standing above the Grand Canyon - oh I was so nervous he was going to fall off that rock and there was nothing below to stop him!


Pearce Ferry Landing sits about 70 mile NW as the crow flies. It marks the boundary between Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon, where the low sandy banks around the lake give way to the cliffs of the Colorado river for the next 280 miles upstream. It is the final destination for raft trips down the lower Grand Canyon, particularly those run by the Hualapai Indians, which depart from near Diamond Creek at the end of Peach Springs Canyon in the morning and emerge late afternoon onto the calm waters of the lake after around 8 hours sailing.

In March 2017 we visited and oh what a beautiful drive thru the giant Joshua Trees. It sure turned out to be a stormy day which is both exciting and scary to be outside during! I noticed along the river were some big trucks with strange equipment on the back and asked what they were doing. They said they were from the Hualapai River Runners and were waiting to pull the white water rafters out that were coming down the Colorado River from Peach Springs.

So I spent time exploring with Buddy while waiting and marveled at the ridge of the canyon, watched the sandy dirt crash down into the river and spotted a heron on a rock outcropping! The thunder got loud and I was getting nervous about the time the rafters came zooming down the river. Looks fun to me and one more thing on my bucket list!


Another close by hot spot for the fisherman is Kaibab Lake which sits just N of Williams on the way to the Grand Canyon. I stopped in 2015 and threw my fishing pole in for a bit! I also spotted a couple javalenas in the park which I don't spot very often!


I said to my girlfriend who helped me explore the area that it would be fun to visit again before I sell it! Enjoy! Char the Explorer : )

Financing Price: $5000

Terms with $100  down payment: $4900 at 8% interest with approximately 46 monthly payments of $125.

Any down payment made over the required $100 Smile4u will match off of the balance.

90 Days Early Bird Payoff with $100 down! If $2500 is paid toward the property within 90 days from the contract date Smile4u will waive the remaining balance!

180 Days Work Like A Dog Early Payoff with $100 down! If $3125 of principal is paid in the first 180 days from the contract date Smile4u will waive the remaining balance!

The down payment applies to the 90 & 180 day early payoff amounts but we do not match it for the early payoff amounts.

We will write both of the early payoff options into the contract. If at any time during the 90 or 180 day period you hit those amounts we will waive the remaining balance and deed the property to you. Dream big!

If purchasing a Contract for Deed Click Here to view the highlights of our owner financing.


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Property Maps

Google Maps and Bing Maps links for those customers who would like to research the street and aerial views further:

Google Maps: We suggest clicking on the "Tilt the view" button located on the bottom right side twice so it rotates the earth until you see the blue sky.

Google Interactive Map at the S corner of the property.

Bing Maps: We suggest clicking the "Bird's eye" link on the top and then aerial.

Bing Maps link at the S corner of the property.

Approximate parcel GPS coordinates:

Parcel: Lot 4861, Bridge Canyon Country Estates, Unit 23
Latitude: 35.397587
Longitude: -113.051018
Coordinate location: to the SE corner of the lot.

Interactive Google Road Map

Interactive Microsoft Bing Road Map


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Coconino & Yavapai Counties & Grand Canyon Area Stock Pics

Coconino & Yavapai Counties & Grand Canyon Area

All of these photos were taken on our journeys to Coconino and Yavapai Counties, the Grand Canyon and the surrounding area. My notes from my very first trip here said SWEET, I was so surprised!

The population of Coconino County is 134,421 and the county seat is Flagstaff. It is the second largest county by land area in the 48 contiguous United States and contains the Grand Canyon National Park, the Havasupai, Navajo, Hualapi, and Hopi Nations.

The population of Yavapai County is 215,133 and the county seat is Prescott. Seligman, the birthplace of Historic Route 66, is a cute small town stop on Interstate 40. In 1987 the State dedicated old Route 66 from Seligman and Kingman as Historic Route 66.

Also on Route 66 is Ash Fork, another cute small town that proclaims to be the "Flagstone Capital of the World" due to the large number of stone quarries around town. I stopped in for a cool drink at the local pub in 2051 and had a friendly chat with the owner and a local teacher there. I learned the Ash Fork School District went from a D rating in 2009 to the very top in 2014 by the Arizona Dept of Education! I enjoyed hearing how they accomplished it with the students setting their own goals.

In January 2013 we journeyed from Valle to Flagstaff thru Kaibab and Coconino National Forests. It took us over the mountains to a low valley that was frozen over and we spotted a musher and his two Arctic wolves. We slowed down and snapped photos and he yelled he was training for a race and didn't slow down! Loved it! I had hoped to see it some day in Alaska and there is a big grin on my face that I saw it first in Arizona! Who would think?! I did a bit of research and I think he was training for the Flagstaff Nordic Bowl.

Kaibab National Forest and Coconino National Forest adjoin each other offering a huge outdoor playground! The Kaibab National Forest is 1.6 million acres that borders both the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon. The Coconino National Forest is a 1.856-million acre forest. Large wild animals include whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, antelope, turkey, coyote, mountain lion, bobcat, and black bear. Small animals include chipmunks, ground squirrels, porcupines, small lizards, and rattlesnakes. Birds include bluebirds, robins, Steller's jays, nuthatches, flickers, woodpeckers, crows, hummingbirds, ravens, and a variety of hawks. Bats also occupy the park.

The San Francisco Peaks are just north of Flagstaff. The highest summit in the range, Humphrey's Peak, is the highest point in the state of Arizona at 12,633 feet. Located within the Coconino National Forest it's a popular site for outdoor recreation.

In April 2014 I stopped by Kaibab Lake which is about 4 mi NE of Williams and captured all sorts of birds enjoying the lake. There was a man out fishing who was a good sport letting me take several photos! Camping is permitted at the campgrounds and fish species include rainbow trout, bass, sunfish and catfish.

Lake Powell sits to the north within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area by the fun tourist town of Page, I've spent a few great weekends camping at Lone Rock Beach there! I also hiked down to Horseshoe Bend a horseshoe-shaped part of the Colorado River that has a 1000 foot drop! Boy that's scary to stand at the edge and look over and even scarier to watch the kids jumping around! I included a few photos of these spots as well – can't wait to set my toes on that warm sandy beach again! : )

Flagstaff is a favorite city to many and was ranked third in a list of cities across the nation where people walk to work. About 12% of Flagstaff's 64,000 residents do actually hike to work, according to the 2012 "Flagstaff Trip Diary Survey. It was named in "America's Best College Towns" by Travel+Leisure Magazine and Northern Arizona University has over 19,000 students. It was also named in "The 10 Best Places to Retire" by U.S. News & World Report, and "The 24 Best Places to Live and Work" by Sunset Magazine. Many find this a beautiful place to live and I constantly talk to people in Phoenix and Tucson that consider this their wintertime playground and want to go play in the snow!

A video of our journey in March 2017 to Meadview and the Pearce Ferry Landing which marks the boundary between the Colorado River and Lake Mead! We watched the Hualapai River Runners pull white water rafting boats coming from Peach Springs out of the Colorado River!


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Sales Process and Terms

Please conduct your due diligence research and be sure to ask all questions prior to hitting the "Buy Now" button below.

All of the maps and information provided in this listing are intended to assist you in your due diligence research. We try and include many resources that we use ourselves. Over the years we have found information to be incorrect like a road that shows on an aerial photo or street map that we can't find because it is overgrown or doesn't exist or a difference in GPS settings. So while we try and include as much of this information as possible we greatly encourage you to carefully do your research to be sure the property suits your needs.

If you would like to purchase this property click on the "Buy It Now" button at the bottom of the listing. A form will ask for your name, email address and phone number. There is a box to indicate if you are purchasing if for cash or financing. Once you click submit it will change the Status at the top of the listing from "Available" to "Sale Pending". We will hold it for you for 3 days. We will then send you an email that confirms our agreement and our process to complete the transaction. Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving that email from us and we will continue to hold the property for you.

Payment is due within 3 days unless prior arrangements are made. You can either send a cashier's checks or money orders, or you can call the office with a debit or a credit card. We often have several interested buyers in the same property and in fairness we keep the property available until someone is 100% prepared to complete the transaction.

If purchasing for cash, once we have received payment we will prepare all documents necessary to transfer ownership and even include a check to cover all recording fees and transfer taxes as well. It's all part of the non-refundable $150 doc prep fee!

If purchasing a Contract for Deed Click Here to view the highlights of our owner financing. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT PRIOR TO CLICKING THE BUY IT NOW BUTTON FOR CONTRACTS!

With our sincere thanks,

Charlotte and Amber : )

Please feel free to call Char at 360-550-8943 with any questions!