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LISTING: Rio Rancho Estates Unit 4 Block 20 Lots 14 & 15 is 1 Acre Cheap Land For Sale!
<B>Big views of the newer neighborhoods and growth only 2 miles NE of this property for sale in Rio Rancho Estates Unit 4 in Sandoval County, New Mexico! The lots sit south of Southern Boulevard close to the city limits.
Big views of the newer neighborhoods and growth only 2 miles NE of this property for sale in Rio Rancho Estates Unit 4 in Sandoval County, New Mexico! The lots sit south of Southern Boulevard close to the city limits.
Description: 1 Acre Land for Sale in Rio Rancho Estates, New Mexico by Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

2 Adjoining 1/2 Acre Lots Being Sold Together!

Sits in the Southern Part of the City Close to the Growth By Intel and Presbyterian Rust Medical Center.

I Could See the Lights of Albuquerque As the Sun Began to Set!

See Chars Update Including the New $16-Million 86 Acre Solar Energy Center in Unit 6 and $80-Million Expansion to the Presbyterian Rust Medical Center!

Beautiful Sunset Over the Sandia Mountains in Sandoval County, NM!

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Rio Rancho Estates Unit 4 Block 20 Lots 14 & 15
Status: Available
Sale: $3,200.00 Cash For 1 Acre or Best Offer.

See Listing For Zero Down Owner Financing Price

State: NM
County: Sandoval
APN: 1-006-067-309-468 Legal Description: Rio Rancho Estates Unit 4 Block 20 Lot 15
APN: 1-006-067-309-476 Legal Description: Rio Rancho Estates Unit 4 Block 20 Lot 14
City: Rio Rancho 8 Miles NW of the Presbyterian Rust Medical Center
13 Miles SW of the City Center and UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center
25 Miles NW of Albuquerque International Sunport Airport
60 Miles SW of Santa Fe
Parcel Size: 1/2 acre each 272.25' X 80' Each.

See parcel map.
Roads: Dedicated Easement, Dirt 25th Street SW runs along the east side of the properties.

Sits about 3/4 mile south of Southern Boulevard.
Power: Area, Solar, Generator Needs installation.

Power is about 1/2 mile N of the property.
Water: Well, Holding Tank The city has a bulk fill water station at the corner of 21st Street NW and Northern Boulevard. It has potable water for domestic use and construction. Click Here for further information on the cities website.

Click Here for the Rio Rancho Utility Systems.

Click here to research depth of others wells on the State of New Mexico well log.

Click on Subdivision Report on the left hand side and then type in Rio Rancho Estates.
Sewer: Septic, Holding Tank Needs installation.

Click Here for the New Mexico Environment Dept Liquid Waste Website.
Liens: No
Deed Type: Statutory Warranty Deed Title insurance available at buyer's expense.
CCRs: No
Title Marketable: Yes
Property Tax: 16.96 per lot Annually. Paid current. Future tax notices are buyer's responsibility.
POA Dues: 0.00
Doc Prep Fee: 150.00 To be added to the purchase price for document preparation.
Zoning: RRA - Rural Residential Agriculturaldential Allows for homes and manufactured homes. Livestock needs minimum 1 acre and 20,000 sq. Ft. per animal.

Click Here to view Zoning Regulations for Sandoval County.
Time Restrictions: No
Other Information: Rio Rancho Convention and Visitor's Bureau Click Here to visit Rio Rancho Convention and Visitor's Bureau

Property Photos

The first set of photos of Unit 4 were taken in October 2007 of Block 20 lots 14 & 15 and the second set in January 2015 of Block 14 lot 87.

To view larger maps/photos just simply click the thumbnail to expand. You can scroll by using the arrow keys on your keyboard as well.

To view the maps/photos in a larger window hover your mouse over the small image, right click and then choose "Open Link".

Make sure to check the map section to see where photos were taken in relation to the property being sold in case the above named property is not the property being sold in this listing.

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I was researching the origin of the Land of Enchantment and came across their State song. I chuckled after reading the first verse - I think Buddy wrote it just for me!

The New Mexico State Ballad
“Land of Enchantment- New Mexico”
by Martin Murphy, Chick Raines and Don Cook

I met a lady in my drifting days
I quickly fell under the spell of her loving ways
A rose in the desert I loved her so
In the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico

As we watched the sunset by the Rio Grande
A mission bell rang farewell she took my hand
She said "come back amigo no matter where you go"
To the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico

From her arms I wandered, far across the sea
I often heard her gentle words haunting me
"Come back amigo, I miss you so"
To the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico

So come back amigo no matter where you go
To the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico

1 acre of land for sale in Rio Rancho, New Mexico close to Southern Boulevard in the southern part of the city. 2 adjoining 1/2 acre lots in a pretty area close to the growth, a fabulous view of the Sandia Mountains and lots of privacy for now considering how close it sits to Intel and the Rust Medical Center!

It sits about 28 Miles NW of Albuquerque International Sunport Airport and an hour SW of Santa Fe. I could see the lights of Albuquerque coming to light across the valley to the SE as the sun began to set. And what a beautiful sunset!

The first set of photos was taken of the property and its surrounding views in October 2007. I also included photos taken only 1/2 mile NW‌ in January 2015 showing the growth that occurred in those 8 years and a beautiful sunset! Although these lots are already subdivided I am not willing to split them apart and am selling them both together because that's the way I roll - I love bigger chunks of land! You would be able to turn around and sell them individually yourself.

It was an easy drive to the property which sits about 3/4 mile south of Southern Boulevard, the main drag thru this part of Rio Rancho. 25th Street was a bladed dirt road leading along the east of the properties off of Cherokee Road as seen in the photos. There is power about 1/2 of a mile north of the property at the neighbors. You would need to contact the local power company for the cost to bring it to the property. I imagine quite a bit still so you might also want to check into solar as I've seen several off grid homes in Rio Rancho using solar!

It's covered in nice vegetation with pretty native plants and sagebrush sprinkled about the area. It was a pretty color when I visited in the fall with lots of yellow and green! The property is fairly flat with a gentle roll. There are several homes about 1/2 mile north off Southern Boulevard which is the closest power as well.

It is beautiful view of the long range of the Sandia Mountains from the NE to the SE with Albuquerque sitting in the valley floor below them! We caught the sunset in January 2015 as it was getting dark and the lights of the big city starting lighting up – cool! There was some fresh snow in the Sandia's! They are so close by there is great detail in the stripes that run thru her top peaks as seen in image #68! Sandia Peak rises to 10,678 feet and the mountain range lies largely within the Cibola National Forest.

From the NW to the SW to the S are wide open views of this mesa that rises above the surrounding valley floors. The sun turned the clouds and horizon a pinkish orange as it sat over the mesa! To the south are some cool hills that sit down past Interstate 40 and add some interesting views.

There is a tremendous amount of growth about 3 miles to the NE along Southern and that growth continues east all of the way to the Rio Grande River. This part of Rio Rancho adjoins the northern part of Albuquerque on its south. I suggest you play with Google earth and really study things! After spending a few days in 2015 driving from the S to the N thru Rio Rancho I can definitely see why the properties along Southern get bought so quickly. I remember passing Wal-Mart on Southern and Unser and taking a photo of it in 2007 and thinking wow its already grown out to here and now look where it is!

So what’s unique about this area? Well you would get to see the balloons along Southern in the morning! It sits 10 miles west of from Intel, one of the largest semiconductor fabrication plants in the world, 8 miles from the Presbyterian Rust Medical Center Emergency, 7.5 miles from Joe's Pasta House and 3/4 of a mile south of Southern and quick access back to town!! I thought this would be a great spot for someone who wants to build an off grid house outside the city limits but still close to things. I myself live one mile down a dirt road and this is only 3/4 of a mile!

This property is personally owned by me, Char, and I've kept it as an investment for several years! Enjoy! Char the Explorer : )

Buddy and Char's Journey Around Rio Rancho Estates!

At the end of January, 2015 I spent two days taking photos from 23 different places around Rio Rancho. What a great tour around the less developed parts of Rio Rancho. I was going to say undeveloped but as you will see growth definitely continues in Rio Rancho!

I arrived late in the afternoon the first day and raced towards Southern Boulevard to see a few properties. I noticed the Presbyterian Rust Medical Center just south of Southern Boulevard on Unser had a huge crane sitting out front of it. This is by Intel and I didn’t realize there was a major hospital so close by the southern units! I read that it is undergoing an $80 million expansion adding a tower with 120 additional beds and cancer patient services. It opened in October 2011 with 68 beds and was designed to accommodate growing populations which this places continues to do!

I had enough time to visit four properties and the first one was only about 4 miles away from that hospital in unit 8! What a great start to the new land portfolio I thought! A short while later I watched the sunset from unit 4 in the SW part of the city. Wow was it a beautiful sunset! I could see the city lights of Albuquerque across the valley and it was eventually dark enough to see the Man In the Moon above the pink and orange night sky!

As I sat watching the sunset I mentioned that I either wanted to go to a fabulous pasta house or hole in the wall Mexican for dinner! I didn't really have a favorite restaurant for as many times as I've been here. On the way back along Southern Boulevard we spotted Joe’s Pasta House and quickly turned into the parking lot. Talk about lucky!

It was a crowded place on a Friday night with a little bar where you can wait. I noticed it had a big beautiful glass jar of house made Sangria sitting there and although I prefer red wine I do enjoy a glass of sweet red once in a while! So I sat down and ordered a fabulous glass…ok I had two…and then one heck of a pasta dish! The bartender was such a friendly man who educated me about this long time Sicilian restaurant! Wow! Wow! Wow! I definitely have a favorite restaurant there now and I collected their business card on the way out!

Early the next morning I headed out to unit 3 which is in the very SW corner of Rio Rancho and spotted a few of the hot air balloons that Rio Rancho is known for over the horizon from a couple of the properties I purchased! I read that the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta takes place in early October and is the largest event in the world lasting 9 days and over 500 balloons yearly.

The cool temperatures that time of year create the "Albuquerque box", a set of predictable wind patterns. Balloon Fiesta Park sits about 6 miles SE of Rio Rancho and it was a pretty good view of the balloons that morning from two of the properties I purchased....for those of you who think that might be a cool way to start your weekend morning with a hot cup of coffee!

Later on that morning I watched kids out jumping their motorcycles by units 1 & 2. There are some sand dunes on the very west side of Rio Rancho and I've had people tell me they played in these hills as kids. I sure spent a lot of time getting the perfect shot and they were good sports letting me watch. As much as I thought the young kid on the motor bike keeping up with the older kids was cool it was this older one on the green bike that was my favorite jump shot!

We made our way that day from the S to the N spotting a few cool birds, an old airplane over head and even a coyote. I literally ran right into the new 86 acre solar farm in Rio Rancho Estates Unit 6 by Northern and Encino by the water tower.

The $16-million Sandoval County Solar Energy Center project by PNM started construction in early fall 2014. The 82,350 solar panels will generate the energy used by 2,400 average residential customers. Cool! While I must say I really enjoyed touring the southern units in Rio Rancho I also like the northern part which is a lot different with its big rolling hills hidden in the trees and cactus! I was surprised by the tall chollas with their yellow and orange waxy flowers that spread across one of the gentle rolling valleys as far as I could see in unit 26! They were so thick – beautiful!

You can see for miles over the valley to Albuquerque from some parts up here and the growth in the distance around the city center and surrounding neighborhoods. While it remains largely undeveloped it too has many people living up in these areas hidden in the trees and I saw quite a few off grid homes with solar panels set up.

And I sat up there and watched the sunset over Rio Rancho again on the Sandia Mountains. She has some interesting massive rocks at the top of her that really reflects the sunset off them!

And once the sun went down on came the lights of Albuquerque again lighting up the valley below! If you're considering living here I think it would be a great idea to not only view the property during the day time but at night also! Imagine big picture windows overlooking the Sandia Mountains glowing pink from the reflection of the sunset and the city lights of Albuquerque at night!

I couldn't think of a better way to end my day than repeating what we had done the night before so back to Joe’s Paste House I went for another glass of sangria and seafood this time! I spotted Joe’s in a few local flyers and read that it was voted “Best of the City Top 5” for 2014 by Albuquerque the Magazine! I sure can pick them!

A special shout out to our fearless mascot Buddy who helped by marking several of the properties! It really was pretty the way he blended into the blonde landscape and he looked so handsome in his Little Stud jacket! He was a tired man at the end of the day with his tongue sticking out! He lost all his front teeth several years ago in a fight over a dog bone and the older he gets the more his tongue sticks out! Still good looking none the less!

Financing Price: $6400 for 1 acre.

Terms with ZERO down payment: $6400 at 8% interest with approximately 50 monthly payments of $150.

Any down payment made Char will match off of the balance.

90 days same as cash with ZERO down! If $3200 is paid toward the property within 90 days from the contract date Char will waive the remaining balance!

180 days to work like a dog to pay it off early with Zero down! If $4000 of principal is paid in the first 180 days from the contract date Char will waive the remaining balance!

If purchasing a Contract for Deed Click Here to view the highlights of our owner financing.

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Property Maps

Google Maps and Bing Maps links for those customers who would like to research the street and aerial views further:

Google Maps: We suggest clicking on the "Tilt the view" button located on the bottom right side twice so it rotates the earth until you see the blue sky.

Google Interactive Map at the point where the two properties meet on the E side.

Bing Maps: We suggest clicking the "Bird's eye" link on the top and then aerial.

Bing Maps link at the point where the two properties meet on the E side.

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Sandoval County Area and Rio Rancho Subdivision Photos

Rio Rancho is the 3rd largest city in NM at about 91,956 people, is the fastest growing community in NM and one of the fastest growing in the Southwest! It’s within an hour of Santa Fe and 30 miles NW of Albuquerque International Sunport Airport. It is bordered by Albuquerque, the Santa Ana Indian Reservation, Bernalillo and Corrales and the Rio Puerco Basin.

It sits high atop a mesa offering stunning views of the Sandia Mountains and Rio Grande River! At 5,290 feet, the high desert offers year round perfect weather with winter temperatures averaging 49 and summertime averaging 91. There are 330 sunny days a year with 8.2 inches of rainfall. It snows several times during the winter but usually melts the same day.

It is part of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area and big magazines have frequently named it among the top 100 places to live. In 2013 it was listed in the “10 Best Towns For Families” by Family Circle Magazine for its amenities including the indoor aquatic center, sports complex, acres of parks and miles of bike trails. It has also been recognized in the top places to launch a business, raise a kid, and best towns for families frequently by other magazines.

Anchored by chip maker Intel, I sure have seen this place grow since I started watching the growth here in 2003. New schools, city center, hospital, the list goes on and on. Here are some of the highlights:

*In January 2015 I saw the $80 Million expansion of the Presbyterian Rust Medical Center just south of Southern Boulevard on Unser. The hospital currently has 68 beds and is adding an additional 120 additional beds and cancer patient services.

*In January 2015 I caught my first glimpse of the 86 acre solar farm in Rio Rancho Estates Unit 6 by Northern and Encino by the water tower. The $16-million Sandoval County Solar Energy Center project by PNM started construction in early fall 2014. The 82,350 solar panels will generate the energy used by 2,400 average residential customers. Cool!

*In January 2015 I ate at Joe's Paste House on Southern Boulevard for my first time! Ha!

*In July 2012 the Sandoval Regional Medical Center with its emergency room had their grand opening! This is located at the city center.

*In August, 2011 the Rail Runner commuter train line pulled into Rio Rancho! This train runs between Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, Los Lunas and Belen.

*In August 2010, the Central New Mexico (CNM) Community College opened at the new city center.

*The first building as part of the University of New Mexico Regional Medical Center opened in January 2010. Once completed, the $200 million facility will house 68 hospital beds and will include an emergency room and surgical center.

*In the fall of 2009, V. Sue Cleveland High School opened - home of the Storms!

*Hewlett Packard Tech Center opened their 218,000 square foot building at the City Center in December 2009.

*The new city hall that opened in 2007.

*In October 2006 the Sandoval County Commissioners approved a master plan for a new city, Rio West, in the Rio Puerco Basin covering 18 miles. The County and the developer have ended their joint efforts on this project and continuing efforts will be by the developer.

*In the fall of 2006 the Santa Ana Star Center, a major component in the City Center, opened.

Wikipedia has some great information about the growth in Rio Rancho. The population in 2010 was 88,901. The estimated population in 2012 was 90,818. The US Census Bureau shows the projected population growth for 2015 of 99,610. It will be interesting to see where it is come the end of 2015.

Click here to read more about Rio Rancho on Wikipedia.

Click here for the Rio Rancho City of Vision Website

Click here for the Rio Rancho Convention and Visitors Bureau Website.

Click here for the Sandia Mountain Wilderness Area in the Cibola National Forest website. It covers 37,200 acres on the west side of the Sandia Mountains.

Click here for the Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway Website.

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Sales Process and Terms

Please conduct your due diligence research and be sure to ask all questions prior to hitting the "Buy Now" button below.

All of the maps and information provided in this listing are intended to assist you in your due diligence research. We try and include many resources that we use ourselves. Over the years we have found information to be incorrect like a road that shows on an aerial photo or street map that we can't find because it is overgrown or doesn't exist or a difference in GPS settings. So while we try and include as much of this information as possible we greatly encourage you to carefully do your research to be sure the property suits your needs.

If you would like to purchase this property click on the "Buy It Now" button at the bottom of the listing. A form will ask for your contact information and there is a box to indicate if you are purchasing if for cash or financing. It will then change the Status at the top of the listing from "Available" to "Sale Pending" after you click submit so we hold it for you. We will then send you an email that confirms our agreement and our process to complete the transaction. Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving that email from us to so we continue to hold the property for you.

Payment is due within 3 days unless prior arrangements are made and we accept cashier's checks, money orders, and Visa/Master/Discover Card. We often have several interested buyers in the same property and in fairness we keep the property available until someone is 100% prepared to complete the transaction.

If purchasing for cash, once we have received payment we will prepare all documents necessary to transfer ownership and even include a check to cover all recording fees and transfer taxes as well. It's all part of the non-refundable $150 doc prep fee!

If purchasing a Contract for Deed Click Here to view the highlights of our owner financing. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT PRIOR TO CLICKING THE BUY IT NOW BUTTON FOR CONTRACTS!

With our sincere thanks,

Charlotte and Amber : )

Please feel free to call Char at 360-550-8943 with any questions!
We are on Pacific Time.

Thank you for looking!

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