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LISTING: Elko County NV T39N R69E Sec 21 NE4SW4NW4 is 10 Acres 5 Minutes to Montello!
<B>10 acres of land for sale about 5 minutes SE of Montello, Nevada with power and a graveled road about 3/10 of a mile away! That
10 acres of land for sale about 5 minutes SE of Montello, Nevada with power and a graveled road about 3/10 of a mile away! That's Pilot Peak sitting across the other side of the Pilot Valley. At 10,716 feet, she is the highest point in the Pilot Mountains and sits on the far east side of Elko County.
Description: 10 Acres Land for Sale Only 5 Minutes From Montello, Nevada in Elko County.

Power and Graveled Road About 1/4 of a Mile Away From the Property!

About 2.5 Hours NW of Salt Lake City, Utah and Twin Falls, Idaho by Wendover.

Beautiful Rural Land in Valley with Fabulous Views of Pilot Peak by the Utah Idaho State Line

Zoned for Home, Cabin or RV Use With Livestock Allowed.

Hunters Favorite Spot With an Abundance of Antelope, Deer and Elk in the Area!

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T39N R69E Sec 21 NE4SW4NW4
Status: Available
Sale: $4,500.00 Cash or Best Offer.

State: NV
County: Elko
APN: 010-58M-024A Legal Description: T39N R69E Sec21 NE4SW4NW4
City: Elko, Montello, Wendover Montello is 1.5 miles NW
Wendover is 50 miles SE
Elko is 100 miles SW
Twin Falls, ID is 165 miles N
Salt Lake City, Utah is 175 miles SE
Reno is 380 miles SW
Las Vegas is 420 miles S
Parcel Size: 10 Acres 660' x 660'
Roads: Dedicated Easement, Dirt There's an overgrown bladed dirt road along the south and it sits 10 acres E of a more improved dirt road.

Sits 6/10 mile N of Church Road, the main drag thru this part of the valley.

Power: Area, Solar, Generator About 1/4 of a mile NW near the NW corner of Section 21.

You would need to contact the local power company for the cost to bring it to the property.
Water: Well, Holding Tank Needs installed. To search the State of NV Div of Water Resources Well Log Database Click Here to research the St of Nevada Well Log Data Base.

Property is located in Township 39 North, Range 69 East, Section 21.

In January 2015 I spoke to the Elko County Public Works Dept. and was told they were putting in a metered water station in Montello where you can get drinkable water to haul. See Additional Photos area for further info
Sewer: Septic, Holding Tank Needs installation.

To research the State of Nevada Individual Sewage Disposal Systems Click Here.
Liens: No
Deed Type: Grant, Bargain, Sale Deed Title insurance available at buyer's expense.
CCRs: No
Title Marketable: Yes
Property Tax: 13.04 Annually. Paid current. Future tax notices are buyer's responsibility.
Doc Prep Fee: 150.00 To be added to the purchase price for document preparation.
Zoning: Open Space Allowing for homes, manufactured homes, RV's.

Dairies, Pastures, Crops, Livestock ranches, Vegetable or flower farms, Home occupations, Hunting, camping, horseback riding, archery, picnicking, snowmobiling and similar uses allowed.

Alternative structures / earthships are allowed as long as engineered.

Must comply with State septic/water regs for year round RV use.

Click here for the county zoning. Scroll down to section 4-2-1: OS Open Space District.
Time Restrictions: No
Other Information: National Forest, Hunting and Fishing Info: Click Here for Hunting and Fishing through the Nevada Department of Wildlife website.

Click Here for the Humboldt - Toiyabe National Forest website.

Click Here for big game hunting in the Humboldt - Toiyabe National Forest website.

Click Here for fishing at South Fork Reservoir on the Nevada State Parks website.

Property Photos

The photos were taken in August of 2009 of T39N R69E Sec 21 NE4SW4NW4 and the surrounding views.

To view larger maps/photos just simply click the thumbnail to expand. You can scroll by using the arrow keys on your keyboard as well.

Make sure to check the map section to see where photos were taken in relation to the property being sold in case the above named property is not the property being sold in this listing.

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10 acres of land for sale about 5 minutes from Montello, Nevada with power and a graveled road about 1/4 mile away. It is about 2.5 hours W of Salt Lake City and 2 hours NE of Elko. It’s a rural valley well off the beaten path about 30 miles N of Interstate 80 and about 50 minutes NW of the busy gambling border town Wendover by the Great Salt Lake. Come play in Cowboy Country!

All of the photos were taken of the property and its surrounding views in August 2009. There is an overgrown dirt road leading along the south. It sits 10 acres east of a more improved dirt road that leads down the west section line. There is a graveled road with power along it at the northwest section line (a section equals one square mile) so power is about 1/4 of a mile NW. There is a dedicated easement surrounding each parcel so you can put the road in the rest of the way to the property. The vegetation was short and we were able to drive over it in our truck to the property. So excellent access to the area and power very close and right close to town!

This is a pretty part of the valley and there are a few people that live around this area as seen in the photos. It has awesome views of the Pilot Mountains from the NE to the SE. They sit just a few miles to the east and you sure get some beautiful details in her mountain peaks! Part of this range is in Utah as well.

Rhyolite Butte is a beautiful big rock at the NE end of this range at 5,965 feet. It rises above the valley floor and when you get up close it really is pretty to look at and shoots straight up in the air - very cool! . I really enjoyed the first time I got to see this rock so up close - she is beautiful and such a unique shape. She sits about three miles to the northeast offering great detail as seen in the photos!

All the way down the valley to the SE about 20 miles is Pilot Peak at 10,716 feet!

Across the valley from the NW to the SW is the Toano Mountains and the sun was setting on them. I frequently come across hunters hanging out on the other side of them and there are a few passes thru the mountains to get over there.

This ten acres is fairly flat and looks like it was farmed at some point because of the low vegetation but it has grown back. There was some short vegetation with a soft layer of dirt. It has a bit of a gentle roll towards the east. There are pretty groves of trees in the distance. There is a neighbor with a fence and some abandoned trailers/cars which appears to adjoin this property on the northwest of the property.

We found the Federal Survey Marker for township, range and section 16 which adjoins this section 21 which is about 20 acres to the NW! This will help you to locate the property and I included a photo of the marker.

This big chunk of land was once part of the old Gamble Ranch. You can tell this by looking at the parcel map link where is says "gamble district". This was split up many years ago but there still is the old ranch to the north of Montello. It is a beautiful drive up to the Gamble Ranch and the road takes you on an incredible drive through a narrow fertile valley with gorgeous crops growing along the river! There is a dedicated easement surrounding all of the parcels for ingress and egress so you have the right to put in the road to your property and cross other easements to get to yours!

The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) map shows that there is 640 acres (1 square mile) of BLM land 20 acres to the S and another 640 acres 10 acres to the W. Each square on the BLM map represents one square mile. For more information on BLM land you can visit

In 2012 I drove around the Pilot Mountains and included several photos and a video of it in the additional photos area. I found deer, elk, antelope, rabbits, a mirage on the Great Salt Lake Desert, and the pink, orange and purple sunset over the Pilot Mountains! I am not sure what's more stunning, the way the dry salt flat looks like real water or the stunning elk! Loved it!

A few locals educated me about how sacred these mountains were to the natives who lived here many years ago when we stopped in for a bite to eat at the Cowboy Bar Cafe in 2012. They told me that the Pilot Mountains, Toano Mountains and the valley between is filled with arrows, old sewing needles and lots more remnants from those who lived here many, many years ago!

We stopped at the Cowboy Bar Cafe again in 2013 for a bite to eat and to warm up and met a couple cowboys that said they worked at the Gamble Ranch and I spent the next hour bending their ear! They said it had been a very cold winter and it was common for some cattle to die and we had just finished picking up a big skull. I included a few photos in the additional photos area of these truly nice gentlemen - thanks guys!

Pilot Valley is the very first place I ever saw a herd of wild horses! They were so stunning – standing there watching me across the valley – tails blowing in the wind! I love my job - TYG!

This is a very rural and remote valley well off the beaten path with a few people scattered up and down it and with the town of Montello, population 138, being the hub for the valley. It offers a gas/mini grocery store, post office and restaurant. I don't ever recall NOT seeing an antelope when I visited this valley and I have seen wild horses roaming out here as well - absolutely stunning when you see them for your first time!

In 2013 we came across some people out exploring on a side by side just N of Montello. It was a family with a young child with them and they said they were out shedding. I asked what shedding was and learned that they were collecting antlers from the antelope and others that had shed them...ya ok I got it!

I have explored the west side of the Toano Mountains and it is miles of jeep trails to explore with antelope running around. I've seen hunters coming out the canyons on several occasions. Apparently there are elk out there although I have not seen them myself but in October 2014 we were stopped by a hunter with a quad asking if we had seen any elk. He said they liked to hang out in the mountain just across the valley to the west. He also commented on a few people that had improved their properties on the west side of the mountains.

Elko is about 2 hours to the west where you will find a hospital and major shopping. Wendover is a larger town to the SE less than an hour on Interstate 80 and people in this valley commute there for work as well as groceries. There is also a mine that has been expanding its operations along Interstate 80 to the south.

The property is zoned for either a home, manufactured home or RV and what a fabulous location right close to town. When you're done watching the antelope roam you can jump on your ATV and be at the Cowboy Bar Cafe in no time enjoying a greasy cheeseburger and a cold one! This farm girl gives it 2 thumbs up! Char the Explorer : )

No Owner Financing Available.

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Property Maps

Google Maps and Bing Maps links for those customers who would like to research the street and aerial views further:

Google Maps: We suggest clicking on the "Tilt the view" button located on the bottom right side twice so it rotates the earth until you see the blue sky.

Google Interactive Map to the SE corner of the property.

Bing Maps: We suggest clicking the "Bird's eye" link on the top and then aerial.

Bing Maps link to the SE corner of the property.

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Elko County Montello Area Photos

All of these photos were taken on our journeys to the small town of Montello, Nevada and Elko County!

Located in NE Nevada near the Idaho/Utah/Nevada state lines, Montello is a small community but offers a gas/mini grocery store, post office and restaurant.

In January 2015 I spoke to Elko County Public Works Dept and was told they were putting in a metered water station in Montello where you can get drinkable water to haul. The county is in charge of it and access is thru a key pad with a pin # for a monthly fee. You can contact them for further information.

Wendover is a larger town to the SE on I80 and people in this valley commute there for work as well and groceries.

The big town of Elko is about 1.5 hours to the west where you will find a hospital and major shopping. The population of Elko County is over 52,000.

The Great Salt Lake sits on the other side of the Pilot Mountains to the east and Salt Lake City is about two hours away. Reno sits on the other side of the state.

The valley is surrounded by two mountain ranges with Pilot Peak to the East and the Toano Mountain Range to the East. The elevation of Pilot Peak reaches up to 10,716 feet.

A video I made of my drive around the E side of the Pilot Mountain Range and the Great Sale Lake Desert in June 2012. It was filled with elk! Incredible!

Elko County is located in northeastern Nevada, 295 miles east of Reno and 237 miles west of Salt Lake City. With 17,135 square miles it is one of the largest counties in the USA and is the heart of NE Nevada. A book listing American towns with the highest quality of life declared Elko, Nevada, "The Best Small Town in America." It is a small city, and a booming trading and service center for a mining and ranching area roughly the size of New England. In 2005 has named Elko City as 1 of the "Top 100 Places To Live" in the United States.

The weather in Elko County is considered ideal by many. Summer finds hot, dry afternoons with temperatures in the 90s, cooling to the low 40s and 50s by morning. Winters are moderate with lows typically in the 20s or 30s. Daytime highs during the winter months are in the 40s or 50s. Snowfall averages 42 inches per year and generally melts quickly. Yearly rainfall ranges from 9 to 10.5 inches. Sunny skies are usually seen over 300 days a year!

The land is mountainous and interspersed with low, flat valleys. The Humboldt River flows through the county. Elko County provides unlimited recreational opportunities with fishing, big game hunting (mule deer, elk, antelope and bighorn sheep), snowmobiling, ice fishing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, boating and skiing.

A video of my first journey around the Ruby Mountains in June 2004! Includes Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge, the Humboldt River and the Last Chance Ranch II by Spring Creek and Elko, Nevada!

Helpful Links:

Obtaining a Right Of Way Grant on Public Lands

Click Here for the Humboldt - Toiyabe National Forest website.

Click Here for big game hunting in the Humboldt - Toiyabe National Forest website.

Click Here for Hunting and Fishing through the Nevada Department of Wildlife website.

Click Here for fishing at South Fork Reservoir on the Nevada State Parks website.

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Sales Process and Terms

Please conduct your due diligence research and be sure to ask all questions prior to hitting the "Buy Now" button below.

All of the maps and information provided in this listing are intended to assist you in your due diligence research. We try and include many resources that we use ourselves. Over the years we have found information to be incorrect like a road that shows on an aerial photo or street map that we can't find because it is overgrown or doesn't exist or a difference in GPS settings. So while we try and include as much of this information as possible we greatly encourage you to carefully do your research to be sure the property suits your needs.

If you would like to purchase this property click on the "Buy It Now" button at the bottom of the listing. A form will ask for your name, email address and phone number. There is a box to indicate if you are purchasing if for cash or financing. Once you click submit it will change the Status at the top of the listing from "Available" to "Sale Pending". We will hold it for you for 3 days. We will then send you an email that confirms our agreement and our process to complete the transaction. Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving that email from us and we will continue to hold the property for you.

Payment is due within 3 days unless prior arrangements are made. You can either send a cashier's checks or money orders, or you can call the office with a debit or a credit card. We often have several interested buyers in the same property and in fairness we keep the property available until someone is 100% prepared to complete the transaction.

If purchasing for cash, once we have received payment we will prepare all documents necessary to transfer ownership and even include a check to cover all recording fees and transfer taxes as well. It's all part of the non-refundable $150 doc prep fee!

If purchasing a Contract for Deed Click Here to view the highlights of our owner financing. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT PRIOR TO CLICKING THE BUY IT NOW BUTTON FOR CONTRACTS!

With our sincere thanks,

Charlotte and Amber : )

Please feel free to call Char at 360-550-8943 with any questions!

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