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LISTING: Mohave County AZ Paradise Acres Unit 7 Block J E2 Lot 1455 is 1.13 acres
It's a pretty desert setting with pretty yucca and prickly pear cactus scattered about and fabulous mountain views. It sits just off the Oatman Highway stretch of Historic Route 66. Zoned for home & RV use, I thought this would be a great spot for a snowbird looking to enjoy the sunny desert not too far from Lake Havasu and the Colorado River!
Description: 1.13 Acres of Land For Sale in Golden Valley, Arizona by Kingman and Las Vegas, NV

Just off the Oatman Highway Stretch of Old Route 66 With Power Close by.

41 Miles to the Laughlin-Bullhead City Bridge Over the Colorado River and 71 Miles to the Hoover Dam by Vegas.

Gorgeous Views of the Black Mountains and the Hualapi Mountains in Mohave County, AZ.

Pretty Desert Setting With Decent Access Would Be a Great Spot for A Snowbird For a Manufactured Home or RV!

Close to Lake Havasu and Havasu National Wildlife Refuge for Boating, Fishing, Hunting and Birding!

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Paradise Acres Unit 7 Block J E2 Lot 1455
Status: Sale Pending
Sale: $3,100.00 Cash Price or Best Offer

See Listing For Owner Financing Price and Terms

State: AZ
County: Mohave
APN: 215-15-138B Legal Description: Paradise Acres Unit 7 E2 of Lot 1455
City: Golden Valley Kingman is 11 miles NE
Laughlin/Bullhead City is 43 miles NW
Havasu National wildlife Refuge is 50 miles SW
Lake Havasu City is about 60 miles SW
The Hoover Dam by Las Vegas is 85 miles NW
Phoenix is 206 miles SE
Parcel Size: 1.13 Acres 164.74' x 300.42'

See parcel map.
Roads: Dedicated Easement, Dirt, Gravel Zentiff Drive is a bladed sandy/graveled road along the N.

Sits 1.8 miles SE of the Oatman Highway Stretch of Route 66!
Power: Area, Solar, Generator Power sits about 2/10 of a mile NW at the neighbors on Tampica Road.

See maps.
Water: Well, Holding Tank Click here to visit the Arizona Department of Water Resources website for information about well permits.

Needs installed.
Sewer: Septic, Holding Tank Click here to visit the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality website for waste water (Septic) treatment facilities.

If you scroll to the bottom there is a link called Design Critera, Septic Tanks.

Needs installation.
Liens: No
Deed Type: Statutory Warranty Deed Title insurance available at buyer's expense.
CCRs: No
Title Marketable: Yes
Property Tax: 56.88 Annually. Paid current. Future tax notices are buyer's responsibility.
POA Dues: 0.00
Doc Prep Fee: 150.00 To be added to the purchase price for document preparation.
Zoning: AR Agricultural - Residential Allowing for homes and manufactured homes. Full time RV use is allowed with special permit.

Click here to view the zoning code on the Mohave County website. Agricultural-Residential is in section 15 on page 31.
Time Restrictions: No
Other Information: Recreation: Click Here for information about Lake Mead National Recreation Area!

Click here for hunting on the Arizona Game and Fish website.

Click here for fishing hotspots and species on the Arizona Game and Fish website.

Click here for more information on the Joshua Tree Forest on the Grapevine Mesa in Meadview.

Click here for more information on the Skywalk in the western part of the Grand Canyon.

Property Photos

All of the photos were taken in August 2018 of Paradise Acres Unit 7 Block J East 1/2 Lot 1455 and the surrounding views.

To view larger maps/photos just simply click the thumbnail to expand. You can scroll by using the arrow keys on your keyboard as well.

To view the maps/photos in a larger window hover your mouse over the small image, right click and then choose "Open Link".

Make sure to check the map section to see where photos were taken in relation to the property being sold in case the above named property is not the property being sold in this listing.

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2.35 acres in Golden Valley, Arizona about 11 miles SW of Kingman just off the Oatman Highway stretch of Historic Route 66! It's a pretty desert setting with great views of the Black Mountains and the Hualapai Mountains and scattered desert cactus! It's zoned for a home, manufactured home or RV. I thought it would be a great spot for a snowbird looking to be close to the Colorado River, Lake Havasu and Laughlin for boating, fishing, birding and gaming.

All of the photos were taken in August 2018. Zentiff Road is a bladed dirt road along the north that a bit of a sandy wash along it but still passable. We took Tampica Road N to Mayan Road and then connected to Centennial on the way back to Oatman Highway Stretch of Historic Route 66 as these seemed to be the better roads. Your GPS will want to take you on all sorts of roads! I would take the time to note which roads and print out the maps that show them below.

My long haired hippy standing on Zentiff Road.

The closest neighbor is 3 lots NE and they are the only one on this stretch of road in this block.

I noticed a stake at the NW corner of the property. The closest power sits about 2/10 of a mile NW at the neighbors on Tampica Road just N of Mayan. You would need to contact the local power company for the cost to bring it to the property.

The property is most flat with taller scattered creosote bush and a few yuccas and prickly pear making a pretty desert scape! The soil was a softer dirt with scattered smaller rocks/pebbles and very easy to walk about. There's an industrial area that provides jobs to this area in the distance to the E & SE and you can see it in the far distance.

It sits on the valley floor in the Sacramento Valley surrounded by gorgeous mountain views in all directions. The Black Mountain run from the NW to the SW and offer some interesting peaks to look at! These rugged mountains are the home of the Warm Springs Wilderness and bighorn sheep and burros. They are bordered to the north by Lake Mead and Hoover Dam and the Colorado River on the west, and Kingman on the east. Within this 130 mile range are three wilderness areas.

The Cerbat Mountains sit to the NE and the Hualapai Mountains to the SE. Hualapai means "People of the tall Pine" in the native Hualapai Indian language.

It's home of the 40,000 acre Wabayuma Peak Wilderness where you will find bear, elk, mule deer, and mountain lions. This wilderness is dominated by the 7,601-foot with Wabayuma Peak at 7601'. It's a series of massive ridges that extend from the peak in a semicircle to the north, south, and west, plunge nearly 5,000 feet to the desert floor below. The sheer size and scale of this rugged terrain guarantees a variety of challenging and interesting hikes, backpacking trips, horseback rides and nature study, and encourage extended overnight camping. Visitors can travel through desert shrub and ponderosa pine in one day and are afforded the opportunity for exceptional botanical and wildlife sightseeing within a relatively small geographic area.

It about 50 miles NE of Havasu National Wildlife Refuge and 60 miles NE of Lake Havasu, both on the Colorado River, so plenty of fishing, boating, hunting and birding in the area!

Dipping my toes in Lake Havasu for the first time!

The bridge at Laughlin and Bullhead City sit about 43 miles NW. Bullhead City, population about 39,500, is located on the Arizona side of the Colorado River and across the river in Nevada, Laughlin's gambling industry supplies much of the employment to residents who live here. The surrounding communities of Laughlin, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley and Needles, CA bring the Bullhead area to about 100,000. It's home to an international airport, two hospitals, and serves as the shopping hub of the tri-state area.

This is a retirement community for those who love to play in the warm Arizonan sun! Located in this tri-state area are 3 of the most popular lakes including: Lake Havasu, Lake Mead, and Lake Mohave along the Colorado River.

In addition to gambling, fishing and boating, the area offers hiking, gold mining, and 4-wheeling and is home to wild horses, coyotes, burros, jackrabbits, quail and road runners.

This part of Golden Valley is less developed than to the north and its more off the beaten path. You would want to take the Oatman Highway exit off I-40 for the quickest way out to the property and it's a quick trip back to Kingman on I-40 which sits about 11 miles NE!

The property is zoned for a home or manufactured home and it is also zoned for year round RV use with special permits. My notes say "great spot for a snowbird!" Enjoy! Char the Explorer : )

Financing Price: $6200

Terms with $250 down payment: $5950 at 8% interest with approximately 57 monthly payments of $125.

Any down payment made over the required $250 Smile4u will match off of the balance. This match does not apply to early payoff amounts.

90 days Early Bird Payoff with $250 down! If $3100 is paid toward the property within 90 days from the contract date Smile4u will waive the remaining balance!

180 days Work Like A Dog Early Payoff with $250 down! If $3875 of principal is paid in the first 180 days from the contract date Smile4u will waive the remaining balance!

We will write both of the early payoff options into the contract. If at any time during the 90 or 180 day period you hit those amounts we will waive the remaining balance and deed the property to you. Dream big!

If purchasing a Contract for Deed Click Here to view the highlights of our owner financing.

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Property Maps

Google Maps and Bing Maps links for those customers who would like to research the street and aerial views further:

Google Maps: We suggest clicking on the "Tilt the view" button located on the bottom right side twice so it rotates the earth until you see the blue sky.

Google Interactive Map to the NW corner of the property.

Bing Maps: We suggest clicking the "Bird's eye" link on the top and then aerial.

Bing Maps link at the NW corner of the property.

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Lake Havasu, Lake Mead, Kingman, Yucca, Las Vegas, and Mojave Desert Area

All of these photos were taken on our journeys thru Tehachapi, Red Rock, the Mojave Desert, California City, Aerial Acres, Mojave, Barstow, Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Meadview, Lake Havasu, Yucca, and the Pacific Ocean. Whew!

I started traveling through this part around 2002. I saw towns like Victorville and Lancaster improving major roads. Then I started seeing lots of employees standing on street corners on the weekends with shaker signs pointing potential home buyers to come check out their new developments. I notice that Highway 14 which goes through Mojave to the Bakersfield-Barstow Highway had improvements being made to it in January 2007. I noticed quite a bit of new businesses in California City.

In May 2011 I was stunned to see the number of windmills that covered hillsides and valley floor as I made my way down to Mojave. The windmills came right to the western edge of the town.

I also saw quite a few solar projects down on the valley floor in Barstow! Holy cow is this place ever hopping with energy! We have had quite a few people asking us if we have any land for development there. I read in September 2011 that there is currently several planned solar projects in this area!

The Colorado River, Lake Mead, Lake Havasu and Lake Mohave make this the hot spot place to be for water sports in greater Southern California, Western Arizona and Southern Nevada!

A video of our journey to Meadview and the Pearce Ferry Landing in March 2017! We watched the Hualapai River Runners pull white water rafting boats coming from Peach Springs out of the Colorado River!

Click on the following links below for more local information:

Parker, AZ

Lake Havasu City, AZ

Las Vegas, NV

Los Angeles, CA

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Sales Process and Terms

Please conduct your due diligence research and be sure to ask all questions prior to hitting the "Buy Now" button below.

All of the maps and information provided in this listing are intended to assist you in your due diligence research. We try and include many resources that we use ourselves. Over the years we have found information to be incorrect like a road that shows on an aerial photo or street map that we can't find because it is overgrown or doesn't exist or a difference in GPS settings. So while we try and include as much of this information as possible we greatly encourage you to carefully do your research to be sure the property suits your needs.

If you would like to purchase this property click on the "Buy It Now" button at the bottom of the listing. A form will ask for your name, email address and phone number. There is a box to indicate if you are purchasing if for cash or financing. Once you click submit it will change the Status at the top of the listing from "Available" to "Sale Pending". We will hold it for you for 3 days. We will then send you an email that confirms our agreement and our process to complete the transaction. Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving that email from us and we will continue to hold the property for you.

Payment is due within 3 days unless prior arrangements are made. You can either send a cashier's checks or money orders, or you can call the office with a debit or a credit card. We often have several interested buyers in the same property and in fairness we keep the property available until someone is 100% prepared to complete the transaction.

If purchasing for cash, once we have received payment we will prepare all documents necessary to transfer ownership and even include a check to cover all recording fees and transfer taxes as well. It's all part of the non-refundable $150 doc prep fee!

If purchasing a Contract for Deed Click Here to view the highlights of our owner financing. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT PRIOR TO CLICKING THE BUY IT NOW BUTTON FOR CONTRACTS!

With our sincere thanks,

Charlotte and Amber : )

Please feel free to call Char at 360-550-8943 with any questions!

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