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LISTING: Kern County CA Tract 3062 Lot 759 is 0.37 Acre Land for sale in California City
<B>Someone enjoying the afternoon riding a motorbike on one of the hills less than a mile from this property for sale in the Mojave Desert in California City, CA!  They had a beautiful RV and toy hauler set up! What a fun place to get away from the big city riding motorcycles and ATV
Someone enjoying the afternoon riding a motorbike on one of the hills less than a mile from this property for sale in the Mojave Desert in California City, CA! They had a beautiful RV and toy hauler set up! What a fun place to get away from the big city riding motorcycles and ATV's!
Description: 0.37 Acres Land For Sale in California City, CA in the Mojave Desert in Kern County

About 100 miles NE of Los Angeles Between Bakersfield and Barstow by Edwards Air Force Base, Ridgecrest, the Tehachapi Mountains and Red Rock Canyon State Park!

Property is Less Than 1/4 Mile off Paved 20 Mule Team Parkway & 1/2 Mile From the Cal City MX Motocross Park - Come Play in the Sunny Warm Desert!

Close to Four National Forests: Sequoia, Los Padres, Angeles and San Bernardino For Recreation Fun!

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California City Tract 3062 Lot 759
Status: Available
Sale: $1,500.00 Cash or Best Offer.

See Listing For Owner Financing Price and Terms.

State: CA
County: Kern
APN: 272-501-01 Legal Description: Lot 759 of Tract 3062, Kern County
City: California City 7 Miles NE of California City
24 Miles NE of Mojave
70 Miles NW of Barstow
70 Miles E of Bakersfield
115 Miles NE of Los Angeles
230 Miles SW of Las Vegas
Parcel Size: 0.37 Acres See parcel map.
Roads: Dedicated Easement, Dirt, Other Corner lot on Peter Drive which is a bladed dirt road.

Sits two blocks S of 20 Mule Team Parkway, the main paved road.

See maps and notes.
Power: Solar, Generator 2 blocks N along 20 Mule Team Parkway. See aerial maps.

You would need to contact the local power company for the cost to bring it to the property.
Water: Area Water main runs along 20 Mule Team Parkway. See notes below.

See notes below.
Sewer: Septic, Holding Tank Needs installation.

Click here for the California State Water Resources Board.
Liens: No
Deed Type: Statutory Warranty Deed Title insurance available at buyer's expense.
CCRs: No
Title Marketable: Yes
Property Tax: 171.39 Annually. Paid current. Future tax notices are buyer's responsibility.
POA Dues: 0.00
Doc Prep Fee: 150.00 To be added to the purchase price for document preparation.
Zoning: RM1 & RM2 Allowing for homes & manufactured homes and some RV use. See notes below.

Click Here to read the zoning ordinances. See Article 10 & 11, RM1 and RM2.
Time Restrictions: No
Other Information: Tourism Links Click Here for Tourism including birding, OHV, and golfing on the Chamber of Commerce website.

Click Here for the Cal City MX Park website that adjoins Borax Bill Park where many of the riders camp out with RV's!

Click Here for CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife website for fishing and hunting information

Click Here for Red Rock Canyon State Park.

Photo Information

The photos were taken in May of 2013 of Tract 2828 Lot 30 in T31S R39E Section 32 and the surrounding views.

To view larger maps/photos just simply click the thumbnail to expand. You can scroll by using the arrow keys on your keyboard as well.

To view the maps/photos in a larger window hover your mouse over the small image, right click and then choose "Open Link".

Make sure to check the map section to see where photos were taken in relation to the property being sold in case the above named property is not the property being sold in this listing.

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0.37 acre lot for sale in California City, CA in the Mojave Desert between Bakersfield and Barstow. It's about 115 miles NE of Los Angeles and 230 miles SW of Las Vegas, Nevada by Edwards Air Force Base, Ridgecrest, the Tehachapi Mountains and Red Rock Canyon State Park in Kern County. The property is less than 1/4 mile off paved 20 Mule Team Parkway & 1/2 mile from the Cal City MX Motocross Park - come play in the sunny warm desert!

All of the photos were taken about 1 mile north in May 2013 and should be an excellent representation of the land and surrounding hills. It's mostly flat with a gentle roll. Its a corner lot with Peter Drive along its W, N and E and only one neighbor adjoining it to the S as seen in the parcel map.

The property is about 2/10 of a mile south of paved Twenty Mule Team Parkway which runs from California City to Hwy 395 to the East. This is an excellent paved road with power along it and there are also water mains along it. Chrysler Drive leads S to Peter Drive which are both bladed dirt roads.

Although there is a water main running along 20 Mule Team Parkway you would need to pay to bring it to the property and that sounds like it would be quite a bit. The city indicated you would need to talk to an engineer for the cost. I think this property is best suited for someone who wants to go hang out in the RV with holding tanks as your source of water and septic.

As you can see in the photos that's what other property owners are doing out here - bring out their toys and RVs to play on a fun property! The sounds of dirt bikes and no dust or sand blowing with only small gusts of wind that felt great in the 91 degree weather that day.

We stopped and spoke to them and were told the Polaris was over $20,000! He said at night you can see the red lights from the windmills to the west along the foothills of the Tehachapi Mountains which run from NW to SW on the west side of the Mohave Desert. You can also see the lights from CA City, but they did not obstruct the stargazing at night being outside of town. They had been camping for 30 years there and have seen a lot of growth in the last decade. This is a great spot for future development seeing the growth out this way with utilities and still being able to get a good price before the development is there. Lots of fun in the meantime!

Borax Bill Park is about one mile W on 20 Mule Team Parkway and is a recreational off-roading park which allows RV camping. It's adjacent to the Cal City MX Park with tracks open to those 4 years and older.

Cuddeback Dry Lake sits 10 miles E on the other side of the Gravel Hills. It's a low laying valley between Red Mountain and Freemont Peak and a hot spot for motorcyclists. This is a limited use area that allows travel on existing routes. The BLM road along the way had a sign that said "limited use signs" and pictures of quads, jeeps and motorcycles.

There was a helicopter doing maneuvers in the lake which is about 6 miles long and 2.5 miles wide. I did a google search about Cuddeback Lake and see that it has been used for target practice over the years and perhaps there was a study going on out there when we visited in May 2011 which would account for the dust swirls from the helicopter!

The City's OHV area attracts over 10,000 riders on holiday weekends. It is no surprise since there are over 1,800 miles of city combination use roads/dirt trails and 33.5 miles of designated OHV trails within the city.

California City is one of the top birding spots in southern California. The creation of parks and golf courses in the 1960's has now become a habitat for birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway! The Silver Saddle Club at the base of Galileo Hill has a record of over 350 species of birds recorded and there has even been the occasional spotting of rare or endangered species by some lucky birders. They graciously allows birders on their property. I inlcuded a link above to the chamber of commerce for further information as birders will need to check in at the front desk. It also has other popular areas to view the birds! The Silver Saddle Resort sits about 5 miles W of this 20 acres as the crow flies and I wonder who you'll spot flying over head!

Several times while exploring the area we've come across nice big camp sites with RV's set up, and people outside enjoying jeeps, quads and motorcycles. It's an interesting harsh desert with plenty of sunshine! I saw a lizard and a snake which I got a great shot of making for a good "Why did the snake cross the road" joke - be careful out there!

If I told you I stumbled across a private party out in the middle of the Mojave Desert you might not believe me so I included a photo of me waking up the next morning at 6 AM! I so enjoyed the event...something I will never forget...lots of fire twirling and acrobats, music 24 hours nonstop. I fell asleep exhausted watching it all and woke the next morning to the warm sunshine relaxing my old muscles as I swayed one more time to the music and a much greater appreciation for the great Mojave Desert!

About 50 miles NW is Red Rock Canyon State Park at the southernmost tip of the Sierra Nevada's! It features beautiful vivid colored cliffs, rock formations and buttes. Once home to the Kawaiisu Indians who left petroglyphs in the El Paso Mountains, the park now protects significant paleontology sites. After wet winters the parks floral display is notable. Wildlife includes roadrunners, hawks ,lizards, mice and squirrels. Some petroglyphs and pictographs represent the ritual sites from the early Native American inhabitants. I just added that to my bucket list to see the petroglyphs!

This area is on the outskirts of some major cities and has great potential to grow. It is a rural area with extremely good access to recreational activities and sights and sounds, or whatever your passions may be! If you have been looking for a cheap place to go play in the desert be sure and check this out! Enjoy! Char the Explorer : )

Financing Price: $3000

Terms with $0 down payment: $3000 at 8% interest with approximately 34 monthly payments of $100.

Any down payment made Smile4u will match off of the balance.

90 days same as cash with $0 down! If $1500 is paid toward the property within 90 days from the contract date Smile4u will waive the remaining balance!

180 days to work like a dog to pay it off early with $0 down! If $1875 of principal is paid in the first 180 days from the contract date Smile4u will waive the remaining balance!

We will write both of the early payoff options into the contract. If at any time during the 90 or 180 day period you hit those amounts we will waive the remaining balance and deed the property to you. Dream big!

If purchasing a Contract for Deed Click Here to view the highlights of our owner financing.

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Property Maps

Google Maps and Bing Maps links for those customers who would like to research the street and aerial views further:

Google Maps: We suggest clicking on the "Tilt the view" button located on the bottom right side twice so it rotates the earth until you see the blue sky.

Google Interactive Map at the NE corner of the property.

Bing Maps: We suggest clicking the "Bird's eye" link on the top and then aerial.

Bing Maps link at the NE corner of the property.

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Kern County, San Bernardino County and California City Area Photos

A video I made of Kern County and Southern California!

All of these photos were taken on our journeys to the Kern and San Bernardino Counties and the surrounding area California City, Mojave, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Big Bear in the San Bernardino National Forest and the Pacific Ocean!

Kern County is located in Southern California east beyond the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada’s extending into the Mojave Desert. Its a few hours to Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Pacific Coast , and Las Vegas. Bakersfield is the county seat.

The Mojave Desert is defined by the presence of Joshua Trees and you certainly find them scattered about! The weather is a dry mild climate and plenty of sunshine! It is truly amazing what it looks like when you add some rain.

Wintertime is skiing and snowboarding within easy driving distance and summer offers fishing and exploring.

The wild and scenic Kern River is a favorite for its world-class rapids. The Kern River Valley is also the gateway to the Giant Sequoia National Monument and is home to some of the best fishing and camping in California. It has five recreational lakes including Lake Isabella where the Kern River flows in and out of. Activities include fishing, camping, windsurfing, and skiing.

Red Rock Canyon State Park is 25 miles N of Mojave. This state park offers scenic desert cliffs and spectacular rock formations. Once home to the Kawaiisu Indians there are petro glyphs in the El Paso mountains from these people:

I started traveling through this part around 2002 and saw Victorville and Lancaster improving major roads. Then I started seeing lots of employees standing on street corners on the weekends with shaker signs pointing potential home buyers to come check out their new developments. I notice that Highway 14 which goes through Mojave to the Bakersfield-Barstow Highway had improvements being made to it in January 2007.

Lancaster and Palmdale are 40 and 50 miles south of CA City respectively. These cities are separated from Los Angeles by the San Gabriel Mountain range. This valley has become a bedroom community to the greater Los Angeles area.

The major employers in the area are Edwards Air force Base, located just south of the city, California City Prison, the landowners resort Silver Saddle, a large automotive test track, and US Borax. There are several air force bases and airports in the California area including Edwards Air Force Base. There are also a couple of speedways used by the giant automobile manufacturers of Honda, Acura, and Hyundai. The Honda Proving Center has a speedway north of California City and Hyundai has one east of California City.

Dubbed the Aerospace Valley, East Kern is home of the Air Force Flight Test Center and Museum and NASA’S Dryden Flight Research Facility. It is the birthplace of more flight records than any other spot on the planet! You can view the history of flight or developments in military technology at Edwards Air Force Base, Vernon P. Saxon Flight Museum, or the U.S. Naval Museum of Armament and Technology at the China Naval Air Weapons Station.

I explored Big Bear in the San Bernardino National Forest, a wintertime playground for the locals. Kids were out playing at the lake enjoying the snow - a very cute ski town! The lake was frozen over in places!

The Pacific Ocean offers endless entertainment. One of my favorite parts of the west coast is the drive through Monterey, Pebble Beach, Carmel-By-The Sea on down to Big Sur where you will see stunning views of the ocean and you might even catch a glimpse at a whale!
Helpful Links:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Website for hunting and fishing information in the Central Region.

Sequoia National Forest Websiteby the USDA Forest Service

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Sales Process and Terms

Please conduct your due diligence research and be sure to ask all questions prior to hitting the "Buy Now" button below.

All of the maps and information provided in this listing are intended to assist you in your due diligence research. We try and include many resources that we use ourselves. Over the years we have found information to be incorrect like a road that shows on an aerial photo or street map that we can't find because it is overgrown or doesn't exist or a difference in GPS settings. So while we try and include as much of this information as possible we greatly encourage you to carefully do your research to be sure the property suits your needs.

If you would like to purchase this property click on the "Buy It Now" button at the bottom of the listing. A form will ask for your contact information and there is a box to indicate if you are purchasing if for cash or financing. It will then change the Status at the top of the listing from "Available" to "Sale Pending" after you click submit so we hold it for you. We will then send you an email that confirms our agreement and our process to complete the transaction. Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving that email from us to so we continue to hold the property for you.

Payment is due within 3 days unless prior arrangements are made and we accept cashier's checks, money orders, and Visa/Master/Discover Card. We often have several interested buyers in the same property and in fairness we keep the property available until someone is 100% prepared to complete the transaction.

If purchasing for cash, once we have received payment we will prepare all documents necessary to transfer ownership and even include a check to cover all recording fees and transfer taxes as well. It's all part of the non-refundable $150 doc prep fee!

If purchasing a Contract for Deed Click Here to view the highlights of our owner financing. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT PRIOR TO CLICKING THE BUY IT NOW BUTTON FOR CONTRACTS!

With our sincere thanks,

Charlotte and Amber : )

Please feel free to call Char at 360-550-8943 with any questions!
We are on Pacific Time.

Thank you for looking!

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